eng mgmt ep5: Recruit great engineers or die tryin’

Action Item #1: Make sure your company is a great place to work

Step 1 for a great workplace: parallelify all your desks and lighting.

Action Item #2: Identify who you are seeking

To build advanced technology like this, you need to find candidates with the right skills: bottle retrieval, welding, Home Depot runs.

Action Item #3: Perfect your sales pitch

Action Item #4: Articulate how they are a perfect fit

When talking to a candidate, hold your phone at an upward angle, to better communicate the upward trajectory that they will have at your company.

Action Item #5: Strategerize your interview plan

Greenhouse makes it easy to set up a coordinated loop to probe on all the important areas.
You want your interviewers to be the gold statues, not the silver ones.

Action Item #6: Make sure your interviewers are getting the intel you need

Action Item #7: Ensure candidates have a great experience

Not the optimal environment in which to solve a graph search challenge.
If your candidate ends up here, you have not created a positive interview experience for them.

Action Item #8: Make data-driven decisions

This photographer would get hired, if the scale was “quality of their nighttime city photos”




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