eng mgmt ep4: Goal-driven development

Three goals are pictured here: 1: a soccer goal, 2: another soccer goal, and 3: not kicking the ball into the icy water below.

Why goals?

Goal frameworks

Why goals must be measurable

Boss: “Jensen —your Q3 goal was ‘Pretty Good Sales’. Where do we stand against that target?”
Jensen: “Golly, boss, I’m doing great! I just closed the Initrode deal for Some Revenue.”
Boss: “Jensen, that only gets you to Good Sales. You’re way off target, and it is nearly October!”
Jensen: “B-b-b-but boss! I thought these sales were Pretty Good!”
Boss: “You’re fired, Jensen!”

Early mankind’s goals were measured by “# of archaeologists who are totally stumped”.

Features aren’t goals

Hoo-ee, this section had a whole lot of words. Let’s drive it home with some relevant imagery. Paperclips, almond milk in coffee, gold forks. I did mention gold forks, right? Those are critical when setting goals.

Okay, smartypants, if features aren’t goals, what should my goals be?

Why each team member should own some goals

These bystanders are definitely not just bystanders in the goal to create a cool photograph.

How you should utilize your goals



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